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Current Situation

The Shan State of the Upper Mekong Region represents one of the greatest needs for the rescue and reintegration of child soldiers. The extreme poverty and volatile political and military climate in the region places children at high risk for conscription. They also become vulnerable to trafficking and other human rights violations. Divine Inheritance works to protect and restore trafficking victims in regions of armed conflict and societal breakdown through advocacy, ground-zero initiatives, and holistic projects that bring global awareness.

Currently, Divine Inheritance partners with Hope for the Nations serving 90 children throughout the area. The Children’s Border Home, located along the eastern border of Myanmar and Thailand, provides a protective environment for over 30 children. 

The home’s current facilities are at capacity - The Hope for 16 Project responds to the immediate challenge of accommodating additional rescued children; especially in light of the recent escalation of government army movement and activities. The new building plan calls for 2 bedrooms to house rescued girls and boys, bathroom facilities, and a generous open-air common space. 

Long Term

The most unique and lasting value of this project extends far beyond a physical building and how many children it will hold. The results are seen in the restoration of each individual child. This new building will not only provide a safe haven for 16 children, it will also be a place for them to learn about and experience the love of Jesus. 

Our house parents love sharing stories about our children growing, laughing, and experiencing true joy while singing worship songs. Children whose lives were previously held captive by violence, poverty, and corruption, now have real and tangible dreams for their futures. It is truly an honor to watch them grow, flourish, and achieve those dreams


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